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Kim Kool

  • About

    Kim was first introduced to encaustic art while facilitating arts based programming for federally sentenced women.  She instantly fell in love with the freedom and experiential creative process of painting with beeswax and heat. 

    The spontaneous nature of this unique medium allows participants to let go of any intentions and really sink into the moment; and more importantly, to play!  Kim see's encaustic painting as a strong catalyst to support community engagement, and a powerful way to bring people together through a shared, creative experience.  

    Kim has been creating and teaching encaustics for many years and has run workshops with federally sentenced women, at risk youth, adults with developmental disabilities, individuals living with addictions and mental health considerations, and many others in the community looking to explore and engage with their creative side.

    She holds a BA in Criminology and English, with a minor in Psychology, as well as a Certificate in Conflict Management and Mediation, and a Certificate in Trauma Counselling for Front-Line Workers. 

    Her own work is inspired greatly by the rural Ontario landscape and often incorporates repurposed materials and natural plants and fibres harvested straight from a local farm, garden, or forest.

    Kim regularly teaches encaustic workshops at The Hive Encaustic Studio, but also travels throughout Ontario to teach and bring this amazing medium to as many people as she can!

  • Classes & Workshops

    Open Studio - Wednesdays 11am-5pm

    Open Studio is available to those who have taken a workshop with myself, Karen Brown, or at The Hive in the past.  This is an opportunity to further explore encaustics in a beautiful, fully equipped studio.  $20 an hour for the first hour and  $5 every 15 minutes afterwards.  Bring your own substrates.  Maximum size of 16x20.  Everything else is included.  No instruction.  

    Open Studio space is available on a first come-first serve basis, but we do recommend that you call ahead before making the trip.  You may also call ahead to reserve a spot. 519-497-7646

    Encaustic Art Cards - No dates currently booked.
    In this 2.5 hour workshop, participants will learn how to paint with beeswax by layering and fusing the wax, using a variety of heat sources, gouging and mark making techniqes, how to embed materials between the layers, basic photo transfers, and the use of the hot stylus tool.  Each participant will leave with 4-6 of their own original encaustic 'mini' pieces, mounted on 5x7 backing.  

    Encaustic Art Cards is a great workshop for anyone looking for a taste of this wonderful mediyum, or for anyone who wants to explore the fun of working in miniature.  All supplies indluded.  No previous experience required.

    To register, please contact

    Introduction to Encaustics - $150 
    Saturday May 18th 11am-4pm
    Sunday June 2nd 11am-4pm

    In this 5 hour workshop, participants will learn how to layer and fuse the wax using a variety of heat sources, how to create texture through gouging and mark making techniques, how to embed materials between the layers, basic photo transfers, and use of the hot stylus tool.  We will then go deeper and explore adding even more colour and imagery with pan pastesl, stencils, and india ink.  All supplies and equipment included.  Participants will leave with several practice pieces as well as a 6x6 on birch.

    Absolutley no previous artistic experience required.

    To register please contact

    Artfully Balanced - The 3rd Wednesday of the month, run by Kim Kool and Karen Brown $65
    February 20th 6-9pm 
    March 20th 6-9pm 
    April 17th 6-9pm 

    An ongoing monthly workshop series that explores the forces that drive our creativity, in art and in life, as well as our ever-shifting balance both within ourselves, and in relation to the world around us.  The passing of a talking piece, combined with the spontaneous and fluid nature of encaustic painting will allow us to tap into our collective wisdom in ways that will delight, surprise, and elighten us.  Each month we will explore a different theme paired with an encaustic technique designed to ignite our creative spirit and bring balance to our minds and bodies. 

    Absolutely no experience required.

    To regsiter, please contact

    Creative Flow Class  $120
    Sunday May 26th 10am-4pm
    Sunday June 23rd 10am-4pm

    When we enter into a state of 'flow', we enter a state of simultaneous deep relaxation, and heightened focus and awareness.  Time becomes inconsequential and our mind begins to make creative connections as our sense of self-doubt evaporates.  Creating art is a wonderful way to enter into this mediative state of 'flow'.

    We will begin each class with exercises designed to help us tap into our creative spirit, followed by several hours of encaustic painting in a shared, supportive and creative environment.

    The focus of this class is on process rather than technique and is open to those who have taken a workshop with myself, Karen Brown, or at The Hive in the past, or for those who are experienced encaustic painters.  All supplies and equipment are included, but please bring your own substrates (maximum size 16x20).

    "Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things".  Edgar Degas

    To register, please contact


    Encaustic Painting for Adults with Disabilities
    $75 *Passport friendly

    Wednesday May 1st 1-4pm 

    In this 3 hour workshop, we will discover the joy of painting with beeswax by first learning how to build up the wax with a number of painting techniques and how to fuse together each layer with a variety of heat sources. We will explore techniques such a dripping and splattering the wax, how to make smooth and textured surfaces, how to embed objects in the wax, and how to add texture through a variety of gouging and imprinting techniques.  We will then go on to play with mixed media and encaustics.  

    This workshop does require some dexterity in order to safely handle the equipment.  Chairs are available, but some standing is also necessary.  Support workers welcome.  

    To register, please contact,


    Private Workshops Available 
    Customizable for your group.  Prices are per person 
    1.5 hours - $60
    3 hours - $90
    5 hours - $150

    Prices may vary if group is less than 4.  Perfect for bridal parties, special occasions, girls' day out, or for anyone looking for a truly remarkable artistic experience.



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