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Randy McLeod

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    A fourth generation farmer, Randy was born and raised on Villacroft Farm in Caledon East. Surrounded by space and nature Randy explored his environment eagerly as he developed a passion for photography.

    Randy’s curiosity, appreciation for nature, and a desire to challenge himself took him to a local wood show. He observed that traditional woodworkers were often missing digits, whereas a woodturners hands were intact. From there, Randy built his own lathe. (Affectionately know as “the beast”). The “Beast” has since retired as Randy moved on to a finer lathe producing large wooden vessels.

    The wood used is hand selected and harvested by Randy locally or from the woods on the farm, preferring to create from one large solid piece,  turned to best enhance the wood’s natural form and beauty.

    Randy’s pieces have been available at The Headwaters Arts Festival, the Made of Wood Show, in the Caledon East Studio Tour, and Villacroft Farm. 

    Pieces may be commissioned  from Villacroft wood or a client may have an historic or sentimental piece of wood from which Randy will create an heirloom.

    "can't paint, can't draw, but give me a gnarly piece of wood..."

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