Lynden Cowan

Oil Painting

Studio 202 A






Instagram: @lyndencowan

Lynden Cowan


Artist Lynden Cowan’s interest in painting began at age eight when she began to create her own art materials from plants and other materials and her mother’s pots.

This self- taught artist was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and her Maritime experiences heavily influenced how the artist viewed her surrounding environment and were expressed in her artwork.

The artist has exhibited in London, Canada, and the United States, is represented Internationally, by the Circle Foundation of Lyon, France, and has been juried into many international competitive exhibitions.

Lynden Cowan is a member of SCA, OSA, CFS, NOAPS, SOVA, and a Signature member of Artists for Conservation, and Federation of Canadian Artists


Lynden Cowan OSA,SCA, CFS, SOVA, AFCA,Signature AFC

  Art Exhibitions, Awards

·      McMichael Gallery Kleinberg Autumn Sale 2015, Juried

·      Twist Gallery Toronto, 2015

·      Joseph D. Carrier Gallery, 2016 

·      Paper Mill Gallery 2016, Colour and Form Society

·      Federation of Canadian Artists, “Limitless” exhibition 2016, Juried

·      Sisnett Gallery, 2017

·      Holcim Gallery, 2017

·      ACA 2017 exhibition at ADC Fine Arts, Cincinnati OH, USA, Juried

·      Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts 2017, Juried

·      Colour and Form Society 65th Annual Juried show, 2017 two paintings

·      Ontario Society of Artists 145th Annual Juried Exhibition, 2018 Juried

·      SCA 50th International open Juried Exhibition 2018

·      Etobicoke Civic Centre, 2018

·      Joseph D. Carrier Gallery, 2018

·      Light Space Time Online Gallery, 2018 International Juried, Showcase Finalist   

·      Gallery Hittite, Yorkville 2018  

·      St. Mildred’s Gallery, Croyden, London, England    2018

·      Art Expo, New York, 2019 Finalist

·      Society of Canadian Artists Open International Juried 2019

·      VAM 41st Annual Juried Show of Fine Arts 2019

·      Circle Foundation Open International Artist of the Year Finalist 2019

·      Art Expo San Diego 2019

·      Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona 2019

·      Steve Wilson Studios and The Gallery, Niagara Falls 2019

·      Helson Gallery, Oct/2019

·      Viva Vida Gallery, Pointe Claire Quebec, Elected SCA members juried 2019

·      The Assembly Hall, Etobicoke 2019

·      Holcium Gallery,Milton

·      Queen Elizabeth Community Centre, 2020

·      Arts on the Credit, Port Credit 2020

·      The Gallery ,Niagara Falls 2020

·      Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, Vancouver AFC’s 13 th Annual Juried show (two pieces selected)

·      SCA 2020 Elected Members Juried Exhibition . Musee de l’Hotel des Postes, Victoriaville, Quebec City . Won top award, Award of Excellence

·      Falls Gallery, Alton Mill Arts Centre 2020

·      NOAPS, Cutter & Cutter Fine Art, St. Augustine, Florida 2020

·      VAM 43rd Annual Juried Competition

·      NOAPS  Principle Gallery, Charlestown, US April 2021

·      SCA Open International 2021

·      Federation Gallery , Vancouver, BC, FCA juried Salon Show 

·      Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, FCA juried Scenes from Western Canada ,Aug 2021

·      Artists for Conservation 2021 at Van Dusen Botanical , juried, Sept 2021

·      Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Shape and Form FCA juried, Sept 2021

·      Gallery 78, Fredericton, NB, SCA Elected Members juried, Sept 2021

·      Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2021 Annual International Representational Exhibition, Oct 2021

·      McMichael Gallery Autumn Artisan Exhibition 2021

·      OSA 150th Anniversary Show, Glenhyrst Gallery, Brantford

·      CFS 69th Annual Open Juried competition, online

·      SCA 2022 Open International Juried Online Exhibition Feb/2022

·      CFS exhibition held at Beaux Arts Brampton, April 2022

·      FCA “Spring Thaw “ juried exhibition at Art of Emotions, Toronto , April 2022

·      FCA Online juried March 2022

·      Artists for Conservation 2022 , Vancouver, juried, Sept 2022

·      Paint Ontario, Lambton Heritage Museum, Grand Bend, juried 2022

·      Carrier Gallery, Colour and Form 70th Anniversary Celebration, juried, Dec/2022

·      SummerandGrace Gallery, Joy exhibition, Oakville, juried, December 2022





·      In Fine Art Connisseur , Nov 2020

·      In American Art Collector , April 2021

·      In Spotlight, Circle Foundation , France , March, 2021

·      Western Art Collector, included in editorial feature of Artists for Conservation Sept/21

·      American Art Collector April 2022

·      Xanadu April 2022

·      8th Issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine, France, August 2022

·      Western Art Collector, included in editorial feature of Artists for Conservation Sept/22

·      American Art Collector, Sept 2022

·      Southwest Art, Oct/Nov 2022, Who to Collect section

·      In the Hills magazine, Dec 2022

·      Southwest Art Magazine, Finalist in Artistic Excellence competition Dec/Jan 2023

·      Xanadu, Scottsdale Arizona January 2023


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