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Sculpture Garden


Step into our sculpture garden – where art meets nature in perfect harmony. Including world-renowned talents such as Yael Erlichman, Floyd Elzinga, and drystone wall creations by the Drystone Association of Canada, it’s easy to lose yourself amidst the grounds and captivating sculptures.


Find a map of our sculpture garden here.


Floyd Elzinga, whose work is also featured at the neighbouring Millcroft Inn & Spa, creates isolated moments of natural beauty and brokenness using stainless steel. Elzinga's large monuments take the shape of pine cones, leaves, and landscapes using rust as a natural texture and colour.


Jeremy Guy is a British abstract expressionist who currently lives and works outside of Toronto. His pieces, created from engineered marble and granite, present an elegantly balanced aesthetic. Guy's pieces reframe the environment in which they are placed, like "Duo," seen at left.


Most of the sculptures on-site at the Mill are for sale (not including the drystone wall artwork, and a few select others). Some sculptures are functional, including "Stone River," a bench made of stone, wood, and antler.


All purchase inquiries can be directed to the Headwaters Arts Gallery, on the main floor of the Alton Mill Arts Centre.

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