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Steve Wilson

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    I am a professional full time artist working in several medium, including Oil, Acrylic, graphite, AquaResin and Fiberglass on Canvas, I've created a unique art form that has been drawing attention in the art community by combining 3 dimensional image in a 2 dimensional space engaging the viewer with my work.

  • CV

    An Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists and previously Director of Exhibitions for the SCA from 2012-2014, member of the Colour and Form Society, Artist, teacher and Juror including Co-Jurying the 2nd Annual WNN at Beaux-Arts Brampton with Charles Pachter and Daphne Odjig, I have partisipated in many commities and orgaizations serving on serveral Boards including President at BAB from 2005-2007, my work hangins in many private and corporate collections and have recieved many awards for my work.

  • Classes & Workshops

    tought workshops in life drawing, photography and body casting

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