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The Alton Millpond Hockey Classic

  • Sat Jan 24, 9 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Alton Mill Arts Centre

Join us for a well-loved, fun-filled winter tradition: outdoor hockey on the millpond. The 6th annual Alton Millpond Hockey Classic features Men's, Women's and Kids' games. Catch the action outside or from the warmth of the beautiful Paul Morin Gallery that overlooks the millpond. BBQ, beer tent, outdoor fire.

Cap off the event by attending the Hot Stove Lounge Pub Night, in the Millrace room that evening after the fire sculpture. For more information and tickets go to the Pond Hockey website.

The Classic is a fundraiser. Although admission and parking is free, voluntary donations are gratefully accepted (suggested donation: $2/person or $5/family). Your donation will help to improve the water quality of the millpond, which is part of the Credit River system.

The Millpond classic takes place during the Fire & Ice festival. Join us for this arts rich weekend with true Canadian flavour!

For more information including the game schedule, go to
(519) 941-9300 or