Contemporary Jewellery Event

(), 2017

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Contemporary Jewellery Event
"Where Jewellery Becomes Wearable Art"

Janis Kerman Design, Montreal
It's the balance, not the symmetry

"My work seeks to define a new relationship between geometric shapes and organic forms using precious metals, gemstones and diamonds."

Dorothee Rosen, Halifax
Hand Forged Precious Metals, with Gemstones & Diamonds

"I work very intuitively, allowing for space and serendipity."

Meet the artists in person & discover their latest designs!

Gallery Gemma Jewellery will host Janis Kerman and Dorothee Rosen at Liss Gallery in Yorkville, 10am-6pm on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017, before returning to the Alton Mill on Wednesday, November 15th.  

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Artist showing their art to two visitors in a bright studio

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