Converge by Emily Escoffery

 “CONVERGE” by Emily Escoffery

NOW ON! April 26 -May 28, 2023 @ Headwaters Arts Gallery, Alton Mill Arts Centre Alton, Ontario April 21, 2023- ALTON, ON - Headwaters Arts Gallery is excited to present works by Headwaters Arts member, Emily Escoffery. Emily is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph and is currently a Mono-Dufferin County based emerging artist.

She utilizes traditional techniques with non-traditional subject matter to create non-objective pieces that examine the painting process. These techniques employ colour, form, and contained compositions focused heavily around grids. As she further develops her practice, she finds herself seeking to discover more of those patterned/amorphic spaces in which she tries to situate her paintings.

Emily’s solo show in the Headwaters Arts Gallery features over 20 works that examine the intersection of patterns and grids through the use of colour and non-objective subject matter. Says Emily, “My artistic practice is mainly focused on using digital software to create preliminary drawings for her paintings (gouache) but I utilize traditional techniques with non-traditional subject matter to create non-objective pieces that examine the painting process.” She works in oil on canvas; acrylic and gouache on paper, canvas and birch. Her grid works exude movement and edgy, shifting tones of colour and says Emily, “The method used to create these paintings utilizes grids in a more traditional, preliminary way, as the grid dictates the shape of ambiguous forms highlighted in gouache.” Her inspiration comes from artists in both the modern and contemporary periods who explore grids, colour, shape, abstraction, and representation throughout their works. Some of these include: Agnes Martin, Robert Ryman, Helen Frankenthaler, Ed Reinhardt and Max Ernst.

The Headwaters Arts Gallery is open Wednesday-Sunday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m, Alton Mill Arts Centre, 1402 Queen Street West, Alton, Ontario. Visit Be sure to follow us on IG @headwatersarts and Facebook. -30- CONTACT: or Call 519-943-1149

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