"This Changes Everything" Public Reception

(); (), 2015

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Join us Saturday April 11 for the public reception of "This Changes Everything". A Millwide art exhibition inspired by an awareness of the effects of climate change on our planet. Interpreting themes presented in Naomi Klien's book of the same title, this Mill-wide event, including its galleries, resident artists and guest artists, will showcase both 2-  and 3-dimensional creative artworks, demonstrating the artist's commitment to being relevant in a world in dire need of truth tellers. 

We will also hear from a number of presenters on the topic of climate change during the hours preceding the opening reception, starting at 11am with a screening of THIN ICE, a film looking at the life and work of climate change scientists.
Presenter: Lisa Brusse
Presentation Title: Countryside Stewardship - Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change
Presentation Description: Climate change is becoming an ever growing challenge for the Credit River watershed and its natural environments. Learn about the local environmental impacts of climate change and how the community, rural landowners and CVC are working together to build a stronger, more resilient countryside.
Presenter Bio: Lisa has been working in Environmental Stewardship at Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) for six years and is currently Manager of CVC’s Landowner Outreach Program.  She is a biology graduate from the University of Guelph turned community development specialist as a result of over 15 years working for grass roots organizations including the Hills of Headwaters Tourism Association in Orangeville, Blue Sky Economic Partnership in North Bay and the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority.  Lisa lives down the road - in Hillsburgh - and is happiest when she can bring her work home (so to speak)
Presenter: Andrew Welch
Andrew Welch is a facilitator, speaker, writer, town crier, software developer, disaster management responder, experiential educator, and theatre director, to name of few of his regular pursuits.  In 2009/10, with the support of Margaret Atwood, he created and produced the Earth Day Payback project, based on the text from her Massey lecture.  He helped found Transition Erin three years ago, and continues to volunteer the majority of his waking hours to community initiatives.  Last year, after a decade of research and refinement, his book “The Value Crisis” was published, introducing a unique and powerful way to think about the greatest challenges faced by our species today.  The book is very popular with book clubs, and the Caledon Public Library recently selected Andrew as Author of the Month for their Read Local Caledon initiative.

The OTHER Connection Between Art and Climate Change

The ulitmate scope, intensity, and devastating effects of climate change are impossible for us to grasp.  We want to do something but we don't know what, or we feel powerless, or we are simply insufficiently motivated to act against what we can't imagine.  So we turn to artists to attempt to give us visual clues and to trigger visceral responses.  That's what this exhibit is about.

But there is another connection between art and climate change - a concept that just might explain why the effects of climate change are beyond our grasp, why we feel powerless, why we are unmotivated to react, and indeed why we are inducing climate change in the first place.

This brief presentation will give you a glimpse into what that concept might be - an understanding that just might change everything.

Andrew Welch is author of The Value Crisis (http://TheValueCrisis.com/.)


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