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    An exciting new fibre design and fashion market now open at the Alton Mill. Shop for works produced by these talented designers & makers (more to be announced soon):

    Designed by Linda Lundström: Raw-edged fur and leather garments by a Canadian fashion icon who happens to live right here in Caledon.

    Copper Fox Designs: Cotton, silk and wool scarves and shawls dyed with Indigo by Carole Blakeman, using the techniques of Shibori, Japanese resist by stitiching, folding and manipulation of the cloth.  

    Fred & Bean "Up-Cycled" materials repurposed into apparel and duffels.

    Kaskii Functional clothing and bags created by an Indigenous sewing circle from Eabametoong First Nation in NW Ontario. Also known as Fort Hope, the community is located 360 km. north of Thunder Bay on the northern shore of Eabamet Lake along the Albany River, and is accessible by air and winter road. 

    Ben's Scarves: Unique scarves and wraps lovingly hand-knit by Benitta Wilcox. 

    Hildegarde Sausik Collection: an established fashion designer, Hildegarde has changed her focus away from the commercial market back to her roots by designing a Wearable Art collection made with natural fibers, some featuring hand-printing.

    Irina Rapaport: a collection of flamboyantly artistic garments designed and made by Irina from recycled and upcycled sweaters and fabrics.

    Lumiscapes: unique lamps based on the original landscape paintings of artist Lonny Doherty.

    Nadine Nevitt: Pillows, prints and cards featuring original pen and ink designs.

    Poppy's Collection: a carefully curated collection of clothing for young children and parenting accessories.

    Therma Kōta: Nordic inspired, high-fashion outerwear from co-founders Linda Lundström, and daughters Sophie and Moshe.

    Tres Bello: Fair-trade clothing and decor from Ghana, Equador and Thailand, plus local designs with an eye to comfort.

    Weaverbee:  Elizabeth Bryan's hand-dyed and handwoven scarves, bags and household textiles.

    Connect with our vendors and cut out the middleman - net sales proceeds go directly to the vendors.

    Click here for our returns policy .

    New vendors always welcome! Contact for more info.

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